Individuelle Kurse

individual online birth class in english or spanish

Get ready & confident for a unique moment in your life.


The course will be offered online via zoom and you can easily install the tool to join me on your laptop, tablet or phone from wherever you are.


This course is for expecting Mothers who…


• are first timers

• have never taken a childbirth education class

• have fears surrounding birth

• are planning a medicated OR a natural birth

• are hiring a Doula OR are not hiring a Doula

You will receive the information that you need to feel secure and well prepared for the birth of your child:

• the physiology of birth

• the routine in the hospital

• active labor positions

• mindset work

• nursing

• postpartum

• breath training which is your most important tool for birth!

Connect to your body and your intuition and trust that you perfectly know what is good for you and your baby.

Additional material for your preparation, a free meditation to connect deeply with your baby and the recordings are your course bonuses. You have the opportunity to receive additional individual support from me through: messenger support, birth preparation massages, birth planning sessions, releasing fear, birth integration, baby equipment counseling and active, loving support during labour.


Please contact me to book your individual course.

Join this course if you want to increase your security through your personal mother-to-be journey, get information about hospitals, share your experiences in English and meet other international women.


"The course with Bridget was great! She explained everything to us very clearly in English and highlighted all German system relevant caveats. It was also great to interact with other couples in similar circumstances and share our experiences, fears and hopes! Totally recommendable!"

Mar & Michael


"I feel very lucky that we found Bridget on our journey ! 

Bridget's preparation taught us all about the biology and the process of the labor, helping me understand what my body and my baby were going to go through. 
It made me feel very secured and prepared, even empowered for what was coming. I knew I would not panic, be scared, and that I would be able to take the right decisions for me and my baby.
Also, she involved a lot the partners, telling them what they could do to help and support during the labor, which was really helpful ! My partner really felt like actor of the labor and not a spectator, and he wasa very understanding of what I was going through. 
We had a wonderful delivery experience, and Bridget's class was for sure one of the success factor !
Audrey & Heiko


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